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BookLive「ブックライブ」のINVESTOR-Z (1)無料立ち読み

From the author of Dragon Zakura, the manga that shook the college admissions test-prep world in Japan to the core, comes a new work depicting high-stakes dealings in the stock market at an exceptional secondary school.The day after Takashi Zaizen entered the illustrious Dojuku Academy with top test scores, he was let in on the institution’s deepest secret, an introduced to the mysterious “investment club.” A six-person group made up of the top student from each class at Dojuku, the club carries a heavy responsibility: to generate an annual return of 8% or more on the school’s 300 billion yen endowment, keeping the top-class schools facilities in shape and tuition at zero. “The most thrilling game in the world, the thing that sets men’s blood ablaze… is money. Investment.” With those words, the genius Zaizen’s story of thrill and profit begins. Follow his road: read, learn, and start earning!

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INVESTOR-Z (1)詳細はコチラから


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ショップでは、本棚に並べる漫画を立ち読みできないように、シュリンクをかけるのが一般的です。BookLive「INVESTOR-Z (1)」を有効利用すれば試し読みができることになっているので、内容を見てから買うか決めることができます。
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INVESTOR-Z (1)の情報概要

作品名 INVESTOR-Z (1)
INVESTOR-Z (1)ジャンル 本・雑誌・コミック
INVESTOR-Z (1)詳細 INVESTOR-Z (1)(コチラクリック)
INVESTOR-Z (1)価格(税込) 540円
獲得Tポイント INVESTOR-Z (1)(コチラクリック)
対応端末 iphone、ipad、ituch、Android、PC(windows/Mac)
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